About The Clary Sage

My name is Deborah and I'm the certified aromatherapist+ herbalist behind The Clary Sage. Our ethos at The Clary Sage is holistic wellness with education + empowerment as the driving forces. Reclaiming the ancient wisdom and cultivating a relationship + knowledge of plants has been essential to our holistic approach.

Located in Zürich, Switzerland, I’ve been living as an expat with my family for 11 years. As I continued my inner journey abroad by offering the local community aromatherapy workshops and other alternative healing modalities, I recognized the need to communicate more clearly within this multilingual, international community.

During my aromatherapy + herbalism studies at The School for Aromatic Studies + The Herbal Academy, I would sometimes cross reference the information I was learning with information and images found on the internet.  But often, the information on the internet was unreliable and inaccurate. These inaccuracies were also found on product labels sold in shops + spas. I found this very frustrating and an unnecessary barrier to my learning. As a truth seeker, I pulled out the books and accessed scientific pages to cross check what I was finding. The end results of 9 months of research are morphologically correct, beautiful illustrations of some popular aromatic plants with relevant + useful information to guide you on your own personal journey.

My wish is for you to cultivate your relationship + knowledge of these powerful plant allies + for you to enjoy + benefit from the wisdom of plants. 

About Me

Re-discovering myself as a mature mother, entering a new phase of life with children still in elementary school, I realized that in order to thrive in my many roles as mother, wife, friend and expat, while attending to my personal needs, I had to elevate “self-care” to another level.  I found that ritually re-connecting to myself and creating sacred spaces on a more regular basis restored me in ways that the occasional massage, spa visit or holiday just didn’t sustain.  

After being initiated into Level 2 Reiki and making self-healing a priority, I became mindful of the need to schedule more time to incorporate holistic rituals that were luxurious and nourishing as part of my weekly plan. I find myself consistently coming back to them again and again for mind, body and spiritual health.

By changing the way we approach our routines, even the act of brushing our teeth can be ceremonial!  Simply adding an intention, affirmation or expressing gratitude during the process of your every day routines will elevate your self-care to a mindful ritual practice.

As a NAHA certified aromatherapist with additional diplomas in body product formulation, natural parfumerie, herbalism, vibration and energy medicine, I’ve created well-balanced, safe and sublime high vibrational products, that evoke inward reflection, physical nourishment and outward beauty.

Before discovering the power of aromatherapy and rituals, I learned about herbal and alternative medicine when I was diagnosed with endometriosis at age 21.  After rejecting the allopathic method of care post-surgery, (as unsuitable healthcare choices for  a 21 year old), I found relief with no re-occurrence. At age 38 and then again at 42, I went on to have 2 healthy pregnancies and gave birth to both children at home (1 of them a water birth) under the care of amazing midwives.  

Incorporating my life work in the healing arts as a massage therapist, clinic marketing director for a chiropractic college and nutraceutical representative in Southern California, I bring an understanding of holistic health combined with alchemical botanical knowledge to offer you these luxury ritual products, so you will have the tools to nourish, balance and restore yourself to live your best life.

Today, when I'm not immersed in formulating new aromatic products, I can be found cuddling with my family and pets, reading with a cup of herbal tea, baking with my daughter, travel planning or out in my garden (or in the tub)! 

Namaste, Deborah 


"I celebrate myself, and sing myself"  - Walt Whitman