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About The Clary Sage

My name is Deborah and I'm the nose behind The Clary Sage. My work is multidisciplinary and emerges from many systems, including aromatherapy, traditional western herbalism, plant spirit medicine, ancestral healing + reclamation, ritual, astrology, sound healing, Reiki + massage.  My work is to connect people with the magic of plants and their own innate healing potential. Reclaiming the ancient wisdom and cultivating a relationship + knowledge of plants has been essential to my holistic approach. The root of my work is in learning from the language of plants, following the lunar + seasonal cycles to allow us to reconnect to an embodied presence on the land : re-wilding. 

About Me

Located in Zürich, Switzerland, far from my home of Plymouth, MA, USA - Native Wampanoag Land, but closer to my ancestral European roots, I’ve been living as an expat with my family for 12 years. Finding my place in this beautiful alpine land and connecting with the plants + landscape has been a magical journey. Learning more about the ancestral plants of my lineage traditions with the ancient healing practices of my European ancestors has been both grounding and revitalizing. 

I've studied and practiced massage for 30 years and I'm a NAHA certified aromatherapist with additional diplomas in vibration and energy medicine, herbalism, Australian Bush Flower Essences, body product formulation + traditional + natural parfumerie.  I've studied with The School for Aromatic Studies, The Grasse Institute of Perfumery, Herbal Academy of New England and The School of Evolutionary Herbalism

My Pisces Moon draws me to healing waters for self care rituals. This is how my bath salt collections were divinely inspired. After benefiting for months from aromatic magnesium baths, I created a line to share with others. My bath salts have well-balanced, intoxicating aromas, they're safe and sublime and they evoke inward reflection, physical nourishment and outward beauty. By changing the way we approach our daily routines, even the act of brushing our teeth can be ceremonial!  Simply adding an intention, affirmation or expressing gratitude during the process of your every day routines will elevate your self-care to a mindful ritual practice.

Before discovering the power of aromatherapy and rituals, I learned about herbal and alternative medicine when I was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 21 on a long backpacking trip in Australia.  After rejecting the allopathic method of care post-surgery, as unsuitable healthcare choices for my age, I began researching toxins in personal care products, like sanitary napkins and tampons and began a journey of educating myself on healthy alternatives. My personal healing journey over the years included herbal allies, massage + chiropractic care and making toxin-free choices whenever possible. I'm grateful for the abundance of alternative healthcare practitioners in Australia in the early 1990s!

The doctor who treated me told me that the endometriosis would probably return and that I would probably not be able to have children. At age 38 and then again at 42, I went on to quickly conceive and have 2 healthy pregnancies, giving birth to both children at home (1 of them a water birth) under the care of skilled + patient midwives.  

Incorporating my life work in the healing arts as a massage therapist, clinic marketing director for a chiropractic college and nutraceutical representative in Southern California, I bring an understanding of holistic health combined with alchemical botanical knowledge to offer you these luxury ritual products. My goal is to support you on your own unique sacred journey and that my products will help to nourish, balance and restore you along the way. 

Today, when I'm not creating herbal elixirs or practicing reading natal astrology charts, I can be found loving on my family and pets, reading with a an herbal infusion in hand, baking with my daughter or out in my garden communing with plants (or in the tub). 

In Fragrant Gratitude, Deborah 


"I celebrate myself, and sing myself"  - Walt Whitman