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{Here you will find herbal Saining wands*, or simply, cleansing wands, loose incense crafted from herbs + resins and woods for smoking or Saining rituals used for ceremonial practice, cleansing spiritual rituals or protections + blessings.  These products aim to generate meaningful moments to support you on your quest for rebalance or self-improvement.}

*These are more widely known as smudge sticks made of White Sage (Salvia apiana) for 'smudging' rites in some Indigenous groups' ceremonies. Although, I was trained by a Native American teacher to craft incense, I choose not to appropriate this word, as smudging is more than just terminology. Smudging is actually part of a larger, sacred, ceremonial act of purification used by Indigenous groups. Smudging is part of a more spiritually important context that is beyond just burning herbs. And, only 40 years ago, Native Americans were not legally allowed to practice their religion. Today white sage is over harvested in the wild. 

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